The Mother Hub

The Mother Hub is a specialist pregnancy and breastfeeding clinic run by a group of dedicated Women's Health practitioners.

We offer services including Midwifery, Lactation Consultancy (IBCLC) and Breastfeeding Medicine (including tongue and lip tie clinics), GP Obstetrics and a range of other Allied Health Services including perinatal psychology, women's health physiotherapy and diabetic education.

The Mother Hub does not provide general GP consultations.

For more information and to make an appointment contact The Mother Hub on

p: 02 6196 6722


Our clinicians

Dr Sarah Bombell GP Obstetrician Breastfeeding Medicine Specialist

Liz Layard Clinical Psychologist

Marieke McPhail Physiotherapist

Melissa Pearce Endorsed Midwife, Lactation Consultant

Dr Alison Teate Endorsed Midwife

Bunny Upathumpa Nurse Practitioner, Diabetes Educator

Dr Kasey Williams GP Breastfeeding Medicine Specialist